Profile of Hyderabad Karnataka Disabled Welfare Society Kalaburagi, hyderabad-karnataka Hyderabad Karnataka Disabled Welfare Society (HKDWS) has jurisdiction over 6 districts consisting of Kalaburagi, Yadgir, Bidar, Raichur, Bellary and Koppal. All these six districts were under the Nizam rule. Only after the reorganization of states in 1956 they became the part and parcel of Karnataka.

The Hyderabad Karnataka area as a whole is considered as the most backward region. Lack of basic amenities, illiteracy, and starvation are the major problems faced by the people and the disabled community is not an exception to it. The social, educational and economic condition of the disabled people is extremely worst. They are neglected by the Society as well as by the Government.

The Association believes in the principle that – “SELF HELP IS THE BEST HELP”. Based on this theory some like-minded handicap people in the year 1991 came together to form a registered Society for themselves and thus the “Hyderabad Karnataka Disabled Welfare Society” came into existence on 6th November 1990 under Registration of Societies Act 1960. Hyderabad Karnataka Disabled Welfare Society (HKDWS) is a secular, non-governmental, voluntary organization working for visually challenged & other disabled children in Gulbarga & surrounding districts of Karnataka. It has a history of many ups and downs, but our struggle for the all round development of the Disabled is never-ending.

Aims and Objectives of the “Hyderabad Karnataka Disabled Welfare Society”

-- To provide education and training to Disabled boys and girls, Make arrangements for Rehabilitation and efforts are made to make available the facilities provided by the govt. to these Disabled children.
-- To establish Braille press, library and cassette library for the blind To arrange for the treatment to those, whose eyes and limbs are worth for treatment and also to provide guidance in this field.
-- To arrange seminars and workshops on the problems of the blind, physically disabled, speech and hearing impaired, mentally retorted.
-- To arrange special surveys on the blind and disabled persons and try to solve their problems with the help of Government and the society.
-- To establish them in self employment by giving training in cottage industries.
-- To undertake all those tasks this may be related with the development and growth of intellectual eyes in the blind


Providing quality based education for the visually impaired Providing vocational training and skills development Job opportunities Building confidence Socio-economic rehabilitation


Efforts are on to establish Braille books library with the assistance of Ministry of Social Justice Govt. of India. We are trying to acquire a vehicle through patrons to take the students to different cultural and historic places for excursions and attend other school needs. In the ensuing days we are planning to start a Computer Training Center using special software like JAWS, a screen reader developed for the visually impaired.

Our VisionA life of self-respect and dignity for the disabled


Today, school provides boarding and lodging to more than 75 blind students. We also moved from the small rented apartment to a modest 2 story building with kitchen, school rooms and other basic amenities.


The school was started under extraordinary circumstances when the private education trust, running the school had abruptly closed the school which was in existence for 10 years. Parents and students were in state of shock with no alternative arrangement for the continuity of the education either from the closed school management or the government. Under such a critical situation, realizing the painful sufferings of the unfortunate girls, Mr. Dattu Agarwal came forward to shoulder the responsibility of imparting qualitative and uninterrupted education. Consequently Matoshree Ambubai Residential School for Blind Girls was started on June 2007 in this historic city at Kalaburagi in the state of Karnataka, India, under Hyderabad Karnataka Disabled Welfare Society which is a registered non-profit organization.


Matoshree Ambubai Residential School provides free education, training as well as hostel facilities to blind girls in the age group of 6-18. Building facility has class rooms, dining hall, shared sleeping hall, kitchen, a small office and a play ground.
Following are the list of facilities provided to the Blind Students:
-- Free boarding and lodging facilities.
-- Teaching through Braille system by the trained teachers.
-- Free medical check up and medical facilities.
-- For recreation Radio, Television, musical instruments, tape recorder are available.

School instructions are in local language of Kannada and follows state syllabus. English and Hindi are also taught as second and third language We have total of seven trained teachers and five non-teaching staff including wardens, S.D.A. peon, cooks and cleaners. All the study materials, food, clothing, shelter, bedding other utensils are provided free of cost to the students. The students are served energetic breakfast, lunch and dinner and a special diet once in a week. The children have sports, cultural and physical development activities to instill confidence. They are also taught cooking, cleaning, gardening and other life skills.

Vocational Training

Under the scheme “Learn & Earn” different efficient artisans will be employed to train the students in weaving bed sheets, towels, Niwar etc. They will be also trained in canning chairs, to make and sew bags and foot mats, candle making etc. To encourage the students they are also a token remuneration. The efficiency when achieved in a particular field naturally gives them the guarantee of self employment.

Trained Music teachers are appointed who give Training for different musical instruments like Harmonium, Tabla, Dholak, Flute, Bango, Guitar, keyboard, Octopad, organ etc, as well as vocal music.

School Admission

Admissions to the school are open from June-1st to June-30th of every year. The candidate has to enclose an Ophthalmologists certificate, parent’s income certificate and a birth certificate along with 3 passport size photographs. Application forms are available from April-10th of each year.

Mr. Dattu Agarwal born on 17/05/1957 was a normal Child like others, but the ill fate dashed him in the third year of age. He became the victim of pneumonia and consequently his eyesight succumbed to the atrocious disease. Later he joined the Govt. School for Blind Boys Gulbarga for elementary education. He successfully completed his post-graduation from Gulbarga University, Gulbarga in the year 1982. He was selected for the post of Lecturer by the K.P.S.C. in the year 1985 and placed at Govt. P.U. College Gulbarga from where he retired as a Senior Lecturer in Political Science in 2017.

Mr. Agarwal is a renowned social worker and multifaceted personality who since the last three decades dedicated and devoted himself for the welfare and upliftment of the all categories of Disabled with commitment and conviction. He has participated in polio eradication programmes and has donated blood for more than 25 times. He is the recipient of several awards and recognitions for his excellent job in the field of teaching and social service. He has been honored as Model Teacher, best Social Worker etc from the Governmental and Non Governmental organizations. Several Local and State level NEWS papers have published articles praising about his achievements in the field of Disability.
He is a visionary with great ideas and an innovative approach, an able administrator who believes in attaining results. His c lear vision and perfect understanding of the needs of the Blind and the Disabled has helped him to bring effective changes that have benefited the marginalized group. A pow erful orator from his college days has evolved into communicator where he presents issues in a very point wise logical fashion. It is said that, behind the success of a man there is a hand of a woman that is true in case of Dattu Agarwal also.

Mrs. Shobharani Agarwal is equally responsible in founding the School. At every point of time she stood side by side with Mr. Dattu Agarwal to inspire and encourage him in achieving the set goal. Mrs. Shobharani hails from South Canara district of Karnataka and is fond of animals. She has compassion for the marginalized groups in Society. This attitude prompted her to marry a blind person. The Agarwal couple has successfully completed the silver jubilee of their married life. They have three daughters. Now Mrs Shobharani occupies the post of the President of Hyderabad Karnataka Disabled Welfare Society, Gulbarga.

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