SUCCESS STORIES of our Students

Friends, education empowers knowledge, develops our personality and makes us self-reliant whether he or she is a normal person or person with disability. In India even today women regardless of their tremendous achievement are treated as second class citizens, in such a situation if she is unfortunately disabled by birth or turn out to be disabled later her agony is doubled. Most of the disabled women particularly visually challenged slip in to depression. Some of them take extreme step after facing humiliation. In order to avoid such unusual incidents and to encourage, educate, empowering them by capacity building, Smt. Ambubai Residential School for Blind girls is trying hard to convert their disability in to ability through the powerful means of education.

I established this school in the year 2007 under extraordinary circumstances when a private school for blind girls was abruptly shut down its activities resulting in to the desperation of forced out students. Their future was in dilemma there was pressure on me to do something for these blind girls to continue their education. At that time since I was working in Govt. P.U. College I was reluctant to undertake new task. When nobody came forward to take the burden I accepted this challenge with bare hands without any support. Myself with my wife conducted survey of blind girls in Gulbarga division with the help of Anganawadi workers, supervisors to mobilize the strength of students. Passing through the ups and downs, converting inconveniences into conveniences facing all kinds of challenges I founded this residential school in the name of my late mother Mathoshree Ambubai on 1st June 2007.

I am proud to mention that some of our students have achieved remarkable progress in their studies and brought laurels to the school through their talent. Competing with the normal children in the board examination they have passed with first class along with distinctions. 

Through this article I have tried to reveal some success stories of ex-students, though they have passed out from this school their memories still vibrate in our hearts. "Failure is only for a short period, but serves as a stepping stone to success."

These five girls about whom I am going to articulate have set an example before the society and have become the pride of their parents. Let us have a glimpse of their achievements and wish them all the best for the future..

Our journey does not stop here. the statistics available from the 2011 census report reveals that, the Number of visually impaired girls in Hyderabad Karnataka region: within the age group of 05-19 years is as follows-

Age group
Number of Visually impaired girls


We will try to reach them all by extensive survey in urban and rural areas. We will accelerate our efforts to admit more and more students to make them productive Citizens. Visual impediment cannot be the barrier but the blind persons should not develop inferiority complex they should face the challenges with firm determination and strong conviction. Smt. Ambubai School is committed to prepare the blind girls competent in all spheres of life.

Mr. Dattu Agarwal, the founder of the school with few of the above mentioned alumni.

The 2019-2020 SSLC results of Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board are out Blind girls script shining success in SSLC exam.

All eight students of Smt Ambubai Residential School for Blind Girls in Kalaburagi have passed the SSLC examination in first class with distinction this is our 4th conjugative record of 100% result! Incidentally, the institution doesn’t have teachers for high school section. management had to hire teachers from outside. In spite of this impediment, all girls passed the exam in first class with distinction, there are a total of 77 students and seven teachers in the primary school. Five of the seven teachers are blind. The crafts and physical education teachers are the only normal instructors. Founded in 2007, the school provides free education, food and accommodation to students. We receive grants for only 50 students while the expenses of the remaining 27 students are borne by the management. The school functions at a private rented building with a monthly rent of Rs 20,000. This is the fourth SSLC batch from the school. The girls have brought laurels to the school.

If the government increased the grant, and permits to recruit Teachers for High-School section better education and facilities can be provided.


anantamma - 88% 529 A grade

Laxmi - 87% 522  A grade

channamma  -  84.5% 507  A grade

Others who have fared well:

Sonali        84% 505       A grade

Mahalaxmi    83% 499       B+ grade

Bhagyashree R  81.5% 487 B+ grade

Bhagyashree S 81% 486     B+ grade

Chandrakala      77%  464   B+ grade

The management takes immense pleasure to thank the teachers and congratulate the students. We are also grateful for all those people who have directly or indirectly worked for the success of students throughout the year. We are extremely proud of our students!


Mallamma - 91.36%

Mahananda - 90.24%

Surekha -  89.12%

Others who have fared well:

Nagratna 87.68%

Sneha 87.04%

Jagadevi 83.68%

Jyothi bai 81.76%

Prema 81.76%

Laxmi 81.12%

Preeti 80.64%

Savita 79.52%

Rukmini 78.4%


Shruthi 546/625 87.36%

Shardhamma 535/625 85.60%

Sharnamma 529/625 84.64%

Others who have fared well:

Renuka 527/625 84.32%

Karishma 516/625 82.56%

Radika 515/625 82.40%

Durgamma 513/625 82.08%

Akshata 480/625 76.80%

Gayatri 394/625 63.04%


Deepa: 92.32%

Ambika: 91.20%

Annemma: 86.24%

Others who have fared well:

Panchasheela 500/625 80%

Vaishali 499/625  79.84%

Anuradha 492/625  78.72%

Gangamma 432/625  69.12%

Gowramma 427/625 68.32%


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